The windmill (also called a false shower or fake shower) is a juggling pattern where one hand does outside throws and the other hand throws under the arm. The catches made by the hand that does outside throws are done with that arm crossed over the other arm.

3 windmill 200

In the windmill, all the throws start on the same side of the pattern and cross over to the other side (from right to left if you throw under the arm with your left hand). This makes the objects follow each other around in a circle, like they do in a shower pattern.

3 rev windmill 200

In the reverse windmill, the throws that aren't just outside throws are made with the hand crossed over the other arm, and then those throws are caught under the arm.

3 mess 200

In Mills mess, you do two throws of a windmill (outside, then under-the-arm) on alternating sides, with a cross-armed throw in between to transition to the other direction.

3 Flo's mess 200

In Flo's mess, you do two throws of a windmill (under-the-arm, then outside) on alternating sides, with an outside throw in between to transition to the other direction.

4ball windmill 80catch00:53

4ball windmill 80catch

4 ball windmill by Yuichiro Kondo

365JT №114 Reverse Windmill00:20

365JT №114 Reverse Windmill

3 ball reverse windmill

The Windmill and Burke's Barrage Juggling Tutorial 405:17

The Windmill and Burke's Barrage Juggling Tutorial 4

Windmill and Burke's barrage tutorial

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