A triplex is a multiplex throw where three objects are thrown from one hand. In a stacked triplex, either all three objects cross to the other hand (crossing stack) or they all return to the hand that threw them (self stack). In a split triplex, either one object crosses and the other two return to the same hand (inside split), or two objects cross and the other one returns to the same hand (outside split).

7 3splits 200

7 ball triplex splits

Siteswap: [32T2T] or [544][222]2 or ([444x],2)*

8 3splits 200

8 ball triplex splits

Siteswap: [332T] or [554][222][22] or ([44x4x],[22])*

9 3stacks 200

9 ball triplex stacks

Siteswap: [333]

10 3splits 200

10 ball triplex splits

Siteswap: [433] or ([66x6x],2)*

11 3splits 200

11 ball triplex splits

Siteswap: [443] or ([666x],[22])*

12 3stacks 200

12 ball triplex stacks

Siteswap: [444]

8 ball triplex 1 1001:14

8 ball triplex 1 10

8 ball triplexes by Bill Coad

Seven Ball Triplexes Tutorial02:01

Seven Ball Triplexes Tutorial

7 ball triplex tutorial

Video: 9 ball triplex stacks by Yosuke Matsumoto

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