Sylvain Garnavault
Sylvain Garnavault
13 ball bounce passing world record holder

YouTube: Garnavault Sylvain

Highest numbers juggled

8 balls qualified
9 balls flashed
6 clubs qualified
7 clubs flashed
15 ball bounce passing qualified

 Sylvain Garnavault is a French juggler.[1]

He and Vincent Bruel formerly held the world records for bounce passing 11 balls (6 minutes and 12 seconds) and 15 balls (110 passes caught), and still hold the world record for bounce passing 13 balls (1 minute and 59 seconds).(video) These records were all set in 2004.[2][3]


  2. (archived from 2005)
Bouncing - Mozart 250th09:54

Bouncing - Mozart 250th

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