Doing a trick from a cold start means you're doing the trick as soon as you start juggling, as opposed to a warm start or hot start, where you start juggling the basic pattern first, and then do the trick. For some tricks, a warm start can be much easier than a cold start. To do 5 club backcrosses from a cold start,(video) you would have to be able to do a good backcross throw with a hand that's holding on to two more clubs, but to do it from a warm start,(video) you only have to be able to do a backcross with one club in your hand.

Cold starts and warm starts for passing are called fast starts and slow starts. A fast start means each person's first throw is a pass, and a slow start means each person does a solo pattern (for four throws if they're doing a 4-count) before they start passing.

Most people who can do more than 10 rings have to use holsters to hold some of the rings while they're starting,(video) or hold the last ring between their legs.(video) Nikolai Gerasimov(video) and Vitaly Mironov(video) are the only people known to be able to flash 11 rings starting with all of them in their hands.

Starting tricksEdit

(Some of these starts can be used for numbers juggling if it's too hard to start with all the objects in the hands.)

Video: 5 club 5 up multiplex 360 start by Chris Fowler
Two 5 club starts00:36

Two 5 club starts

Two assisted 5 club trick starts by Haavard Hvidsten

Type of 4diabolo open00:34

Type of 4diabolo open

4 diabolo starts by Zhan Xiong Lee

3 ball juggling tutorial 2 3 ball multiplex02:38

3 ball juggling tutorial 2 3 ball multiplex

3 ball multiplex start tutorial

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