Luke burrage classroom 1 club squeeze catches01:03

Luke burrage classroom 1 club squeeze catches

2 club squeeze catches by Luke Burrage

Handful of Squeeze Patterns00:39

Handful of Squeeze Patterns

4 ball squeeze patterns by Mike Moore

Freshly Squeezed04:40

Freshly Squeezed

Squeeze tricks with 2-5 balls by Luke Burrage

A squeeze catch is a multiplex throw in reverse: Instead of throwing two or more objects from one hand at a time, two or more objects are caught in one hand at the same time. Squeezes can be much more difficult than multiplex throws, because the objects have to be thrown just right so that they land very close together.

A squeeze catch can occur in a siteswap when a throw of value N is followed M beats later by a throw of value (N - M), with both throws directed to the same hand - for example, a 4 and a 4x thrown from different hands at the same time, or a 3 thrown right after a 4, or a 7 with a 5 two beats after it.

In vanilla siteswap, patterns with collisions like this are invalid, but it's possible to write valid patterns with squeezes using multiplex notation, by writing the next throw made by the hand that did the squeeze catch as a multiplex throw involving the same number of objects that were just caught by that hand. (This "multiplex throw" can include a 2, which would usually mean that one of the objects stays in that hand while others are thrown, so it may not be an actual multiplex throw.)

The time-reverse of 5 ball splits - ([44x],2)* - is the squeeze pattern ([42],4x)*, where the 4 from one hand and the 4x from the other hand land at the same time in the hand that threw the 4. Siteswaps like this can also be done without using actual squeeze catches, by throwing the objects to slightly different heights so that they don't land at the same time. Stacked patterns like [33], [44], and [55] are normally done with the stacked throws staggered so that the objects are caught one at a time.

Video: 4 ball reverse slices - siteswap (4x,[22x])*
Video: 3 ball triplex squeeze penguin catch ending by Chris Noonan

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