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The speed weave is a 4-person passing pattern where one person feeds three other people who are moving around each other in a cascade pattern. The feeder does a 2-count, and passes like you would do in a sweep feed: to the right, to the center, to the left, to the center... Each feedee does a 6-count, and always passes when they're either going forwards through the center of the cascade of jugglers, or going backwards on the outside of the cascade.

Slow speed weave 200
A slow version of the speed weave.

The feeder does a 4-count, and the feedees do 12-counts, only passing when they get to the center of the cascade.

Speed weave 200
The normal speed weave.

The feeder does a 2-count, and the feedees do 6-counts.

Fast speed weave 200
A fast version of the speed weave.

The feeder does a 1-count, and the feedees do 3-counts.


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