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Single rotations or singles are throws where each club does one full rotation before being caught. The basic pattern for 3 clubs is normally done with single rotations. Higher numbers are normally done with the clubs rotating more than once per throw, and juggling those numbers with single rotations is a more difficult trick. Throw height and rotation speed can be controlled separately, so singles with more than 3 clubs do not have to be done any lower than the basic pattern with the normal number of rotations.

Video: 4 club 7531 all in singles by Doug Sayers
Singles Tricks juggling video01:02

Singles Tricks juggling video

Single rotation tricks by Chris Fowler

Six club singles by vova00:11

Six club singles by vova

6 club singles by Vova Galchenko

World recordsEdit

Single rotation world records with publicly available video evidence:

Records with insufficient video evidence:

Unverified claims:

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