Sergey Ignatov Jr.
Sergey Ignatov Jr
2004 and 2008 WJF Advanced Ring champion

YouTube: signatov

Highest numbers juggled

7 balls qualified
8 rings qualified
5 clubs qualified

 Sergey Ignatov Jr. (born 7 September 1975)[1] is a professional juggler from Moscow, Russia[2] who now lives in New York City.[3] He is the son of Leonid Ignatov[4] and the nephew of 11 ring juggler Sergei Ignatov.[5]

Sergey Ignatov Jr. won the WJF Advanced Ring competition in 2004 and 2008, and also won the 5 ring 360s competition at the WJF in 2004 with 21 5 ring 5 up 360s in 1 minute, setting a world record for 5 ring 360s. Thomas Dietz equaled this record in WJF competition the next year.[6]


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Sergey Ignatov Jr03:58

Sergey Ignatov Jr.'s 2004 WJF Ring Competition Routine

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