Rubenstein's revenge is a trick invented by Rick Rubenstein. The pattern is a repeating sequence of three throws, alternately starting with the right hand and the left hand:

  • The first throw is made under the arm. The arms stay crossed so that the next catch made by the hand doing that throw is also done under the arm.
  • The second throw is made under the arm, after uncrossing the arms and re-crossing them the other way.
  • The third throw is an outside throw. Rick Rubenstein does this throw as a penguin throw (a reverse penguin catch). The next catch done by the hand making this throw should be clawed.
Video: 3 ball Rubenstein's revenge by Rick Rubenstein
3 revenge 2003 ball Rubenstein's revenge 4 revenge 2004 ball Rubenstein's revenge

3 rev revenge 2003 ball reverse Rubenstein's revenge

Rubenstein's revenge with clubs (slo-mo)01:24

Rubenstein's revenge with clubs (slo-mo)

3 club Rubenstein's revenge

Rubenstein's and Romeo's Revenge Juggling Tutorial 507:42

Rubenstein's and Romeo's Revenge Juggling Tutorial 5

Rubenstein's revenge and Romeo's revenge tutorial


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