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Robert Mosher III
Robert Mosher
10 ball bounce world record holder

Highest numbers juggled

10 ball bounce qualified (in competition)

 Robert Mosher III is a world record-holding bounce juggler. He won the 2007 IJA Individual Numbers Bouncing competition with 29 catches of a 10 ball lift bounce, setting a new world record.[1] Later that year he broke the record with 39 catches. The video of this record is no longer available online, but the record was verified by the Bounce Page.[2]

In 2008, Robert won the Individual Numbers Bouncing competition again with 31 catches of 10 balls, which is the current IJA competition record for bounce juggling.[3] Also that year he and Christian Kloc won the Bounce Passing Numbers competition, tied with David Critchfield & John Jones. Both teams did 62 catches of 15 balls.[4]


Robert Mosher III - First 10 Ball Bounce Juggling Qualify-100:06

Robert Mosher III - First 10 Ball Bounce Juggling Qualify-1

10 ball bounce qualify in competition at IJA 2007

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