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A quadruplex is a multiplex throw where four objects are thrown from one hand.

A stacked quadruplex can be done two different ways:

  • Self stack: All four objects return to the hand that threw them.
  • Crossing stack: All four objects cross to the other hand.

A split quadruplex can be done three different ways:

  • Inside split: One object crosses and three return to the same hand.
  • Even split: Two objects cross and two return to the same hand.
  • Outside split: Three objects cross and one returns to the same hand.
9 4splits

9 ball quadruplex splits

Siteswap: [32T2T2T] or [5444][2222]2 or ([4444x],2)*

10 4splits 200

10 ball quadruplex splits

Siteswap: [332T2T] or [5544][2222][22] or ([444x4x],[22])*

11 4splits 200

11 ball quadruplex splits

Siteswap: [3332T] or [5554][2222][222] or ([44x4x4x],[222])*

10 ball quadplex - 204 catches00:37

10 ball quadplex - 204 catches

10 ball quadruplexes by Bill Coad

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