Patrik Elmnert
Patrik Elmnert

YouTube: patrikelmnert patrikelmnert
YouTube: patrikandwes
Facebook: Patrik Elmnert
Facebook: Patrik and Wes

Highest numbers juggled

7 clubs qualified
9 rings qualified
10 rings flashed
13 ring passing qualified
16 ring passing flashed
13 club passing flashed

 Patrik Elmnert was born in 1989 in Uppsala, Sweden. He started performing at the age of 10 and has performed for audiences all over the world. He lives in Stockholm, Sweden, where he graduated from the contemporary circus program at the University of Dance and Circus in 2012.

Patrik is the only person known to have done a 3 up 1440 with 3 clubs.(video)

Patrik Elmnert, No "ck"03:52

Patrik Elmnert, No "ck"

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