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Ofek Shilton
Ofek Shilton
5 diabolo world record holder

YouTube: Ofek Shilton
Facebook: Ofek Shilton - The Diabolo Juggler

Highest numbers juggled

5 diabolos solid

 Ofek Shilton (born in 1995) is a juggler from Israel. He started performing onstage at the age of seven and a half.

He can juggle 5 balls and 5 clubs, but his favorite prop is diabolo. When he was 16, Ofek set the world record for juggling 5 diabolos high: 54 catches.(video)

4 diabolo tricks - ofek shilton 12 years old01:05

4 diabolo tricks - ofek shilton 12 years old

Ofek doing 4 diabolo tricks at age 12

5 Diabolo World Record by Ofek Shilton00:49

5 Diabolo World Record by Ofek Shilton

5 diabolo high world record

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