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Nikolai Gerasimov
Жонглёры Герасимовы - полная работа08:21

Жонглёры Герасимовы - полная работа

10 ring reverse world record holder


YouTube: Николай Герасимов

Highest numbers juggled

9 rings qualified
11 rings flashed
7 clubs qualified
8 clubs flashed

  Nikolai Gerasimov (Russian: Николай Герасимов) was born in 1979 and learned to juggle from his father.

In his act, Nikolai performs an 8 club flash in flat fronts, 8 and 10 rings in flat fronts, and an 11 ring flash starting with all the rings in his hands (rather than using a holster or holding a ring between his legs). No one else is known to be able to do any of those feats.

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