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Nate Sharpe
Nate Sharpe
5 diabolo passing world record holder

YouTube: Nate Sharpe
Vimeo: Nate Sharpe nsharpe

Highest numbers juggled

7 diabolo passing qualified

 Nate Sharpe (born in 1987)[1] is an American juggler from Canton, Massachusetts.[2] He and his brother Jacob have been performing together professionally since 2006.[3] The Sharpe brothers developed their circus skills from attending Circus Smirkus Camp and being on tour with Circus Smirkus since 2004.[2] Nate also acted as a mentor for the younger children in the troupe.[3] The Sharpes built up a broad base of skills in many disciplines during their time at Circus Smirkus, but have specialized in diabolo.[2]

Nate and Jacob Sharpe hold the world record for passing 5 diabolos between two people: 95 caught passes, set in 2006.[4][5](video)

The Sharpe brothers won the IJA Teams competition in 2008,[6] and Nate also won the Diabolo High Toss contest at IJA 2009.[7]


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4, 5, and 6 diabolo passing with tricks01:54

4, 5, and 6 diabolo passing with tricks

The Sharpe brothers juggling with up to 6 diabolos

Sharpe Attack!06:03

Sharpe Attack!

The Sharpe brothers juggling with up to 7 diabolos

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