Juggling tutorial 5 ball martin02:03

Juggling tutorial 5 ball martin

5 ball Martin tutorial

The Martin is a 5 object trick invented by Nate Martin. It is a non-multiplex variation of the duplex split pattern with 5. Two objects are held in one hand at the same time in this pattern, but not thrown at the same time. Instead, each hand throws twice in a row: first a non-crossing throw while holding on to another object, and then a crossing throw with that object. This pattern is more difficult than splits, but still easier than the cascade with 5.
Video: 5 club Martin with non-crossing singles and crossing triples
5 Martin 200

The 5 ball Martin
Siteswap: [62]25

5 Martin 74 200

A variation where each hand makes a crossing throw first
Siteswap: [72]24

6 Martin 200

A 6 ball pattern similar to duplex stacks, but with one ball thrown at a time
Siteswap: [72]27

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