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A lift bounce is a bounce juggling pattern where the balls are lifted up or tossed up slightly after each catch so that they always fall from the same height, rather than throwing them down at the floor (called a force bounce). In a lift bounce, the balls are caught on the outside and dropped down through the inside of the pattern so that the throws from the right hand and the throws from the left hand cross paths on the way down.

The highest number of balls that have been qualified in a lift bounce pattern is 10, and the highest number of balls that have been flashed in a lift bounce is 11 (by Tim Nolan).

A column bounce is a type of lift bounce pattern involving columns, claw catches, and multiple bounces.

3 lift 2003 ball lift bounce 4x4x lift 2004 ball lift bounce 5 lift 2005 ball lift bounce
Mathias Ramfelt. 9 bounce ballsMathias Ramfelt. 9 bounce balls.(00:45)
9 ball lift bounce world record by Mathias Ramfelt
AlexLubkerAdded by AlexLubker
5 Ball Lift Bouncing A Tutorial(10:00)
5 ball lift bounce tutorial
AlexLubkerAdded by AlexLubker
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