A lid is a quick short throw (i.e. a pass/zip/feed - a 1 or 2x in siteswap) that goes over the top of the whole pattern. It is thrown straight across the top of the patttern, going over both the next object that will be caught by the hand that throws the lid, and the last object thrown from the hand that catches it.

A box done with lids is called an upside-down box or an inverted box, because it still has the shape of a box, but turned upside-down. A normal box has an open top and a ball forming the bottom side of the box, and an upside-down box has an open bottom and a ball forming the top side of the box (the "lid").

42x lids 200

Upside-down box

4x2x lids 200

Upside-down shower

4x2x42x lids 200

Upside-down double box

42x switched col lids 200

Upside-down box with switched columns

441 lids 200

Upside-down 441

531 lids 200

Upside-down 531

Chris Hodge's Upsidedown Box Tutorial05:23

Chris Hodge's Upsidedown Box Tutorial

Upside-down box tutorial

Video: 3 club upside-down box by Adam Kapilow

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