Lauge Benjaminsen
Lauge Benjaminsen
Most Popular Juggler of 2011


YouTube: Lauge Benjaminsen
YouTube: Lauge, Alexander and Nicklas LaugeBenjaminsen

Highest numbers juggled

9 balls qualified
8 rings qualified
7 clubs qualified

 Lauge Benjaminsen (born 20 March 1993)[1] is a juggler from Silkeborg, Denmark, known for his fast spins. He learned to juggle from a friend in April 2006.[2] Lauge was voted the world's most popular juggler in Luke Burrage's Top 40 Jugglers poll in 2011.[3]

Some spin moves that Lauge has done:

*to a qualify

360 Improving 202:38

360 Improving 2

World recordsEdit

Lauge holds the following world records with publicly available video evidence:

Unverified claims:

*to a qualify

Improving 601:54

Improving 6


Lauge won the following IJA and WJF competitions.[4][5]

IJA 2010:

  • eXtreme Juggling: 7+ Balls
  • Joggling: Men's 7 Ball 100 Meters
  • Joggling: Men's 5 Ball 100 Meters

WJF 6:

WJF 7:

Lauge Spinjaminsen
  • 5 Ring Freestyle
  • 6 Ring Freestyle
  • 7 Ring Freestyle
  • 4 Club Freestyle

WJF 10:

  • 7 Ball Freestyle[6]



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