Lajos Nereus
Lajos Nereus


YouTube: Lajos Nagy

Highest numbers juggled

12 rings flashed
7 clubs qualified

 Lajos Nereus is a Hungarian juggler[1] who performs with up to 7 balls, 7 clubs, and 10 rings.[2] He is one of eight people who have flashed 12 rings on video (Anthony Gatto, Albert Lucas, Sam Hartford, Lajos Nereus, Junming LinPavel Evsukevich, Willy Colombaioni, and Rudolf Levitskiy).[3] Lajos flashed 12 rings on video in 2010, and he claims to have flashed 12 for the first time 15 years earlier, when he was 16.[4]


Lajos nereus01:12

Lajos nereus

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