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Welcome to the Juggle WikiEdit

Welcome to the Juggle Wiki, a place to discover all sorts of tricks and theories and history about the practice of juggling!

Contributors should add tutorials and biography pages as well as organizations adding pages about what their juggling related websites and groups do as well as what conventions they run. Stores may post a page about themselves including what they sell and where they sell their products.

Help expand the wikiEdit

We'd like to expand this as much as possible, and the way to do that is for you the readers to contribute. Even if the page you create only has a single paragraph in it, it's a foundation for others to build and expand upon, so if you see a page missing that you think should exist, please create it, no matter how little you put inside of it. Thanks in advance! Let's help this place grow!

Feel free to add as many pictures, animations, and videos to the wiki as you'd like, content is content after all, no matter what type it is. Also to those looking to help, there are many ways to help contribute to the wiki besides writing pages, such as making sure pages are organized into categories, which is a very easy thing to overlook when creating a page.

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