JuggleSim is a siteswap simulator made by Adrian Goldwaser. It is available at

Patterns can be entered in siteswap or stack notation, or by typing the name of the trick (e.g. "5 ball shower"). Throws higher than 9 can be entered by typing the number normally inside curly brackets, or by using lowercase letters. (a = {10}, b = {11}, c = {12}, etc. "x" is always used to change the direction of the preceding throw, so it cannot be used for "33".) Repeating sequences of throws can be shortened by writing them like this: |<sequence>^<number of repeats>|.

The program displays a figure juggling the siteswaps you enter, and also gives information about the patterns, including:

  • The number of balls in the pattern
  • The period (number of beats before the pattern repeats)
  • The maximum throw value
  • The full siteswap notation for patterns entered in a shortened form
  • The state at the beginning of the pattern
  • Transitions for entering and exiting the pattern
  • The excitation level of the starting state
  • The stack notation for the pattern
  • The rotation of the pattern that is closest to the ground state
  • A list of all the valid anagrams of the siteswap

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