Jorden Moir
Gentleman Juggler
2010 IJA Individual Stage Champion

YouTube: MoirJuggler Jorden
Vimeo: Jorden Moir

Highest numbers juggled

8 balls qualified
8 rings qualified
9 rings flashed
5 clubs qualified
6 clubs flashed

 Jorden Moir is a professional juggler and amateur board game designer from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He is the 2010 IJA Individual Stage Champion. His specialties include footbag (Hacky Sack) and combined hands and feet beanbag juggling. Jorden started juggling in 2001 at the age of 14.

Other props in his trainings include rings, clubs, contact and diabolo. Jorden performs and trains regularly with Zacada Circus  in Stoney Creek, Ontario.

2Xtreme Hands & Feet 8 - Jorden Moir-005:20

2Xtreme Hands & Feet 8 - Jorden Moir-0

Not Bad For a Footbagger 4 - Jorden Moir05:16

Not Bad For a Footbagger 4 - Jorden Moir

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