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Jon Brady
Jon Brady
7 club doubles world record holder


YouTube: Jonathon Brady

Highest numbers juggled

7 clubs solid

 Jonathon Brady holds the world record for juggling 7 clubs in doubles: 15 catches.(video)


Jon won the following IJA and WJF competitions.[1][2]

IJA 2003:

  • Stage: Juniors

WJF 5:[3]

  • 7 Ball Isolated Endurance

(Also at WJF 5, Jon became the third person to juggle 7 clubs for over 100 catches in competition.)

2009 WJF WinterBlitz:

  • Advanced Clubs
  • 7 Ball Freestyle
  • 5 Club Freestyle

WJF 6:

WJF 7:

  • 7 Ball Isolated Endurance
  • 5 Club Backcross Isolated Endurance

WJF 8:

  • 5 Club Backcross Isolated Endurance


Jon Brady's Coming to WJF 9!01:40

Jon Brady's Coming to WJF 9!

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