JUGGLE is the juggling version of the basketball game HORSE. The game can be played in person or online by two or more jugglers.

The players take turns doing tricks which the other player(s) then have to try to copy. If they are playing in person, both the person setting the trick and the people trying to copy it are given a certain number of attempts (e.g. 3 attempts) to do the trick. If it's an online game between two people, the person trying to copy the trick is given a certain amount of time (e.g. 1 week) to do the trick, and to upload a video of the both the copied trick and a new trick. If there are more than two players in an online game, each person only needs to post a video of the copied trick, and after everyone is done attempting it, the next player in turn after the one who set the last trick posts a video of a new trick.

If the player trying to set a trick (when playing in person) fails to do it in the assigned number of attempts, they lose their turn and the next player in turn attempts to set a trick. If a player fails to copy a trick, a penalty letter from the word "juggle" is added to that person's score. Players who have received all six penalty letters are eliminated from the game. The last person remaining in the game is the winner.

Answer and new trick in JUGGLE with Haavard-000:32

Answer and new trick in JUGGLE with Haavard-0

Chris Noonan playing an online game of JUGGLE with Haavard Hvidsten

Answer and new trick - JUGGLE with Chris Round 200:40

Answer and new trick - JUGGLE with Chris Round 2

Haavard matches Chris's trick and sets a new trick

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