Hoops are circular props that are generally larger and thicker than normal juggling rings. Hoop juggling was invented in the 19th century by William Everhart, a performer from Columbus, Ohio, who created a huge number of tricks involving tossing, bouncing, rolling, and spinning hoops of various sizes.

Hoop is Old School02:07

Hoop is Old School

Hoop juggling by William Everhart and others

Raw Art - Alexandra Savina - Ring-o-graphy05:56

Raw Art - Alexandra Savina - Ring-o-graphy

Hoop rolling by Alexandra Savina

World Juggling Day in Academy of circus Kiev.A00:10

World Juggling Day in Academy of circus Kiev.A.Soboleva

9 hoop flash by Aleksandra Soboleva

How to Juggle Hoops- Tutorial02:54

How to Juggle Hoops- Tutorial

Hoop juggling tutorial

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