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"Ball bounce" redirects here. For the article on juggling balls by bouncing them off the floor, see "Bounce juggling".

Juggling while bouncing a ball on the forehead is a trick similar to juggling while balancing an object on the forehead. Head bouncing is easiest when done with a bigger ball than normal juggling balls. If you do a head bounce while juggling rings, it's possible to do a pull down while still doing the head bounce.(video) It's also possible to do a head bounce with two or more balls at the same time, in columns.(video)

Head bouncing compilation video on


Big ball juggling and head bouncing by Pavel Evsukevich

How To Bounce A Ball On Your Head And Juggle!09:57

How To Bounce A Ball On Your Head And Juggle!

Head bouncing tutorial

World recordsEdit

Records for juggling while head bouncing with publicly available video evidence:




Unverified claims:

Records for bouncing multiple balls on the head at the same time:

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