4 gattoplex 2004 ball Gattoplex
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5 gattoplex 2005 ball Gattoplex
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6 gattoplex 2006 ball Gattoplex
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7 gattoplex 2007 ball Gattoplex
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Gatto's multiplex, or the Gattoplex, is a multiplex pattern named after Anthony Gatto. Those names usually refer to a 5 object trick, but similar patterns can be done with other numbers.

In the Gattoplex, one hand throws a split multiplex, then the same hand throws just one prop, and then the same throws are repeated on the other side. In a pattern with an odd number of objects the non-multiplex throw is a self throw, and in a pattern with an even number of objects it's a crossing throw.

Trick of the Day - 8-14-201200:15

Trick of the Day - 8-14-2012.wmv

5 ball bounce Gattoplex with elbow stalls by Thom Wall

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