A force bounce or active bounce is a bounce juggling pattern where the balls are thrown down at the floor to make them bounce higher than they would if they were just dropped. Force bounce patterns are normally done with outside throws, so the balls are thrown down on the outside of the pattern and come back up through the middle, with the right-hand and left-hand throws crossing paths on the way up. The reverse of this pattern is a lift bounce.

The highest number of balls that have been qualified in a force bounce pattern is 9 (by Alan Sulc), and the highest number of balls that have been flashed in a force bounce is 12 (by Alan Sulc).

3 force 200

3 ball force bounce

4x4x force 200

4 ball force bounce

5 force 200

5 ball force bounce


5 inside force 200

Force bounce with inside throws

5 hyperforce 200

Hyperforce bounce (the balls are moving down while being thrown and up while being caught)

5 inside hyperforce 200

Hyperforce bounce with inside throws

Alan Sulc - Weltrekord mit 12 Bällen 200801:36

Alan Sulc - Weltrekord mit 12 Bällen 2008

Force bounce numbers juggling by Alan Sulc

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