Emmanuël Boissé Pinard
Emmanuel BP


YouTube: EmmanBP
Vimeo: Emmanuël B.Pinard Emman
Facebook: Emmanuel Boissé Pinard

 Emmanuël Boissé Pinard is a juggler from Montreal, Quebec.[1]

He holds the world records for 4 ring behind the neck throws - 4 catches(video at 3:06) - and 6 ring lazies - 9 catches.(video)


Emmanuël placed in the following IJA and WJF competitions.[2][3]

WJF 4:

  • Junior Boys - 2nd place

IJA 2008:

IJA 2009:

  • eXtreme Juggling: 3 Rings - 1st place
  • eXtreme Juggling: 4 Rings - 1st place

IJA 2014:

  • eXtreme Juggling: 3 Rings - 1st place


Lazy Unbirthday Video01:11

Lazy Unbirthday Video

BBB Retirement02:36

BBB Retirement

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