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Dyer's straights is a force bounce pattern based on the siteswap 522, where three balls are juggled in four columns. The balls don't stay in the same columns - when a ball is caught, it's usually moved to a different column.

The throws are made alternately with the right and left hands. Three throws are made in two columns on the right side of the pattern, starting with the left hand, and then three throws are made in two columns on the left side of the pattern, starting with the right hand. The first two throws in each of these sets of three are active 2s, so they quickly bounce right back into the same hands that threw them. The last throw made before moving to the other side of the pattern is a 5, which bounces twice before it's caught. The second 2 thrown after a 5 should bounce at the same time as the 5 does its second bounce.

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