A duplex is a multiplex throw where two objects are thrown from one hand. It can be done stacked, so that either both objects cross to the other hand or both return to the hand that threw them, or split, so that one object lands in each hand. Up to 10 balls have been qualified,(video) and 12 flashed,(video) in duplex patterns.

5 2splits 200

5 ball duplex splits

Siteswap: [32T] or [54][22]2 or ([44x],2)*

6 2stacks 200

6 ball duplex stacks

Siteswap: [33]

6 sync aself 2stacks 200

6 ball asynch cut duplexes

Siteswap: [42T] or ([64],2)*

6 sync self 2stacks 200

6 ball synch cut duplexes

Siteswap: ([42T],[42T]) or ([64],[64])(2,2)

7 2splits 200

7 ball duplex splits

Siteswap: [43] or ([66x],2)*

8 async 2stacks 200

8 ball asynch duplex stacks

Siteswap: [44]

8 2splits 200

8 ball duplex splits

Siteswap: ([44x],[44x])

9 2splits 200

9 ball duplex splits

Siteswap: [54] or ([88x],2)*

10 2stacks 200

10 ball duplex stacks

Siteswap: [55]

5 club high duplex00:16

5 club high duplex

5 club high duplex siteswap by Peter Bone

Koblikov 10 balls pirouette !!!00:24

Koblikov 10 balls pirouette !!!

10 up 360 in a 10 ball stacked duplex pattern by Alexander Koblikov

Video: 7 ball duplex splits by Callum Coke
Video: 7 ring duplex splits by Lauri Koskinen

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