A domino pattern is a type of juggling pattern where the number of objects used is one more than the number of hands used, and one hand throws at a time. Whenever an object has been thrown to any of the hands, that hand throws the object it's been holding to the next hand before catching the object that was just thrown to it. This makes a chain reaction of throws, and when all the hands have thrown, the object thrown from the last hand goes back to the first hand, starting the pattern over.

40 out 200A 1-handed domino pattern is a 2 in one hand pattern. 3 200A 2-handed domino pattern is a 3 ball cascade.
4 in 3 200A 3-handed domino pattern, with 4 balls 5 2count above 200A 4-handed domino pattern in a circular shape is a 5 ball 2-count pattern.
5 1count above 200A 4-handed domino pattern in a cascade shape is a 5 ball 1-count pattern. 5 sts asym 2count 200An asymmetrical side-to-side domino pattern
5 sts sym 2count 200A symmetrical side-to-side domino pattern 7 domino 200A 7 ball domino pattern

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