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A diabolo is a prop consisting of a "spool" or "two-headed top" that is manipulated using a string attached to two sticks, which are held in the hands.

The modern diabolo was developed and popularized by the French engineer Gustave Phillippart and the English athlete C. B. Fry in the early 20th century. An earlier form of this prop, the Chinese yo-yo, has existed at least since the 17th century.

1 diaboloEdit

EJC2011 Arata Vertax01:27

EJC2011 Arata Vertax

1 diabolo vertax routine by Arata Urawa

To manipulate a diabolo on a string, you need to keep it balanced by spinning it. As long as the diabolo is spinning fast enough, it will stay balanced on the string. The simplest way to increase the diabolo's speed of rotation is by repeatedly lifting one of the handsticks while providing slack with the other, making the diabolo roll across the string.

The IJA has had a 1 diabolo performance competition as part of the Individual Prop competitions since 2004. The first winner of that competition was Ryo Yabe.

2 diabolosEdit

2diabolo 24 Arata01:23

2diabolo 24 Arata

2 diabolo sequence by Arata Urawa

Two or more diabolos can be juggled on a single string, usually in a circular pattern. There are two kinds of basic patterns for juggling multiple diabolos: High patterns, where the diabolos are individually caught on the string and then thrown high, and low patterns (called shuffles), where there can be more than one diabolo on the string at once.

The unofficial world record for 2 diabolos low (not validated by any world record organizations; no publicly available video) is 32 minutes and 4 seconds by Kristian Scharling Jørgensen (record from IJDb).

Other people who have done 2 diabolos low for over 10 minutes:

3 diabolosEdit

3 Diabolo tricks by Ofek Shilton00:47

3 Diabolo tricks by Ofek Shilton

3 diabolo tricks by Ofek Shilton

The world record for the longest run of 3 diabolos high with publicly available video evidence is 5 minutes and 42 seconds by Pieter Slachmuylders.

Other people who have done 3 diabolos for over a minute:

Multiple diabolos can be juggled in siteswap patterns, where a 0 represents a pause with an empty string (making time to do a 360 or jump rope with the string), a 1 is a pause with a diabolo on the string (making time to do a sun), and 2, 3, 4 etc. are increasingly high throws.

4 diabolosEdit

Tony Frebourg 5 Pirouettes in Row with 4 Diabolos May 201100:47

Tony Frebourg 5 Pirouettes in Row with 4 Diabolos May 2011

Five connected 4 diabolo 4 up 360s by Tony Frebourg

The world record for 4 diabolos high is 2 minutes and 28 seconds by Stevie Caveagna.(video) The world record for 4 diabolos low is 6 minutes and 17 seconds by Ronnie Slowinski.(video)

Other people who have done 4 diabolos for over 100 catches:

Tricks that have been done with 4 diabolos include:

5 diabolosEdit

Tony Frebourg 66661 and Pirouette with 5 Diabolos 2010-000:47

Tony Frebourg 66661 and Pirouette with 5 Diabolos 2010-0

5 diabolo tricks by Tony Frebourg

Ryo Yabe was the first person to flash 5 diabolos high,(video) and Tony Frebourg was the first to qualify it, in 2007.(video) Tony broke the world record with 16 catches(video) and then 31 catches(video) in 2008, 44 catches in 2010,(video) and 47 catches in 2011.(video) Ofek Shilton did 54 catches in 2011.(video) Guillaume Karpowicz set the current world record for 5 diabolos high in 2017, with a run of 76 catches.(video) Tony Frebourg claims to have done 5 high for 1 minute and 7 seconds.

Other people who have juggled 5 diabolos high:

Etienne Chauzy was the first person to flash 5 diabolos low, in 2010.(video) In 2011, Robin Spinelli also flashed 5 diabolos low,(video) and in 2013 Ronnie Slowinski broke the record with 6 catches.(video) Later in 2013, Robin Spinelli posted a video showing 13 catches, and in 2014, a video from 2011 was uploaded, showing Robin doing 18 catches. In 2015, Robin Spinelli did 20 catches on video, and two days later, Ronnie Slowinski did 31 catches.(video) Pen Zen did 47 catches in 2016.(video) Liao Wang did 82 catches in 2017,(video) and set the current world record for 5 diabolos low the same year with a run of 130 catches.(video) Guillaume Karpowicz(video) and Soon Yong Wei(video) can also do 5 diabolos low.

Tricks that have been done with 5 diabolos:

  • High 66661 to a qualify by Tony Frebourg(video)
  • High 645 for 3 rounds by Guillaume Karpowicz(video)
  • High 5 up 360 (not qualified) by Tony Frebourg(video) and Pieter Slachmuylders(video)
  • Low 64 (to a qualify) by Ronnie Slowinski(video) and Liao Wang(video)
  • Low 645 for 2 rounds by Liao Wang(video)
  • Low around the leg by Liao Wang(video)

6 diabolosEdit

Tony Frebourg World Record 6 Diabolos with Assisted Start, 13 Throws01:11

Tony Frebourg World Record 6 Diabolos with Assisted Start, 13 Throws.

6 diabolo world record by Tony Frebourg

Tony Frebourg became the first person to juggle 6 diabolos high for at least a flash on video in 2015, when he did 7 catches. He claims to have done 13 catches of 6 diabolos high in 2014.

Guillaume Karpowicz became the first person to flash 6 diabolos low in 2016.(video)

(Note: For diabolo records on this wiki, catches are only counted if the diabolo was both thrown and caught with the string, not with the hands.)

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