David Rush is primarily a speed and blindfold juggling specialist. He is a motivational speaker as well as a product manager at the technology company Cradlepoint.

He has broken more than 40 Guinness World Records for juggling and balancing with a mission to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education documented at

World Records Edit

Most Juggling Catches in a Minute Edit

  • 3 balls: 495 catches in 1 minute (video)
  • 4 balls: 498 catches in 1 minute (video)

Fewest Juggling Catches in 1 Minute Edit

  • 3 balls: 22 catches in 1 minute (video)
  • 3 clubs: 28 catches in 1 minute (video)

Blind Juggling Edit

  • 3 balls blindfolded: 22 minutes 7 seconds (video)
  • 3 balls blindfolded: 428 catches in 1 minute (video)

Other Edit