Daniela Paličková
Daniela Palickova


YouTube: DandaDanda96 danda

Highest numbers juggled

8 balls qualified
10 balls flashed
6 rings qualified
7 rings flashed
5 clubs qualified
6 clubs flashed
2 diabolos qualified

 Daniela Paličková (born in 1996) is a juggler from the Czech Republic.[1] She started juggling when she was ten.[2] She is the only female juggler who has flashed 10 balls on video.


Daniela 202:34

Daniela 2

I don´t care03:35

I don´t care

The last 2011 practice02:28

The last 2011 practice

Goodbye my old Gballz!02:05

Goodbye my old Gballz!

Train station03:16

Train station

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