A chin roll is a trick where you put the knob of a club on your chin, so the club is pointing up but leaning toward the hand that's holding it, and push the club so it rolls across into your other hand. It takes about as much time for a chin rolled club to get to your other hand as it would if you had just done a normal 3 club cascade throw, so you can replace any throw in a 3 club cascade, or any other throw with a siteswap value of 3, with a chin roll.

Chin Rolls00:24

Chin Rolls

3 club chin rolls by Kozo Komatsubara

7531 Chin Roll00:25

7531 Chin Roll

4 club 7531 with a chin roll by David Schexnayder

Tutorial Continuous Chin Rolls with Three Clubs03:37

Tutorial Continuous Chin Rolls with Three Clubs

3 club chin roll tutorial


You can also roll clubs across your nose, forehead, or chest.

Chest stall variations00:41

Chest stall variations

Chest rolling tricks by Andrew Ruiz

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