Casey Boehmer
Casey Boehmer
5 club one-handed world record holder

YouTube: Casey Boehmer, One-arm Juggler

Highest numbers juggled

6 balls flashed
5 rings qualified
6 rings flashed
4 clubs qualified
5 clubs flashed

 Casey Boehmer was born without a left forearm into the largest family of jugglers in the world.[1] He learned to juggle two balls in one hand when he was five,[2] and is now the world's best one-handed technical juggler.

In the IJA Juniors Championships, Casey placed 3rd in 1994, 2nd in 1995, and 1st in 1996.[3]


Casey Boehmer Most Awe Inspiring 200605:35

Casey Boehmer Most Awe Inspiring 2006

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