This article is about the patterns invented by Luke Burrage. For the pattern invented by Ken Burke, see Burke's barrage.

4 burke's burrage 200

4 ball Burke's Burrage

5 burke's burrage 200

5 ball Burke's Burrage

Burke's Burrage is the name of two tricks invented by Luke Burrage.

4 ball Burke's Burrage is a shape distortion of the synchronous 4 ball fountain. The throws are made with the arms crossed, changing which hand is on top each time, and the catches are made with the arms uncrossed. The throws in this pattern look like crossing throws, but each ball is actually caught by the same hand that threw it, because it is thrown with the arms crossed and caught with the arms uncrossed.

5 ball Burke's Burrage is a multiplex pattern with the siteswap [44][22]3. It is a combination of Burke's barrage (a 423 pattern where a ball is carried through the middle of the pattern, under the 4) and takeouts (a variation of Burke's barrage where the ball is carried over the 4). In 5 ball Burke's Burrage, each 4 is replaced with a stacked multiplex - a [44] - so the balls can be carried under one 4 and over the other, through the middle of the stack.

Burkes Burrage (video from 2003)00:24

Burkes Burrage (video from 2003)

Burke's barrage, takeouts, and 5 ball Burke's Burrage by Luke Burrage

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