Brian Koenig
Practice Video(with extra world record goodness)01:28

Practice Video(with extra world record goodness)


YouTube: Brian Koenig

Highest numbers juggled

10 balls qualified
12 balls flashed
7 rings qualified
8 rings flashed
6 clubs qualified

  Brian Koenig  is an American juggler[1] who learned to juggle in September 2005.[2] After 10 months of juggling, he was able to flash 10 balls.[3] In 2007, he became the fifth person to flash 12 balls on video, and the youngest ever to do it (at the age of 16 years and one month).

In 2014, Brian did 23 catches of 9 balls in the Individual Ball competition in the IJA Numbers Championships, tying with Vladik Miagkostoupov for first place.[4]



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