A breakdown is a trick most commonly done with rings, where most of the props being juggled are placed one at a time in various places on the juggler's body (around the neck, under the arms, between the legs, etc.) and are held there while the remaining props are still being juggled, sometimes until only 2 or fewer objects are left in the hands, and then the objects are added back into the pattern one at a time.

Lajos nereus01:12

Lajos nereus

8 ring breakdown by Lajos Nereus

6 Ring Juggling Trick00:07

6 Ring Juggling Trick

6 ring fast breakdown by Jason Garfield

JUGGLE with Chris Noonan round 4 - answer and new trick00:54

JUGGLE with Chris Noonan round 4 - answer and new trick

Haavard Hvidsten does a 5 ball breakdown involving kick-ups and neck catches during an online game of JUGGLE

5 ball toss breakdown video
7 ball toss breakdown video

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