3 ball BBB - Etude02:50

3 ball BBB - Etude

3 ball BBB tricks by José Lima

BBB Retirement-002:36

BBB Retirement-0

BBB tricks by Emmanuël Boissé Pinard

IJA Tutorial Contest - BBB (Blind Behind Back)04:10

IJA Tutorial Contest - BBB (Blind Behind Back)

3 ball BBB tutorial

3 Ball BBB Tutorial03:59

3 Ball BBB Tutorial

3 ball BBB tutorial

Blind behind the back (BBB) is a trick where all the throws and catches are done behind the back. By letting the balls touch your back while they're in the air, you can tell where they are without being able to see them.

World recordsEdit

BBB world records with publicly available video evidence:

Unverified claims:

  • 3 balls: 9 minutes and 2 seconds by Rogelio in 2011 (claim)
  • 3 balls: 11 minutes and 23 seconds by Ori Roth in 2007 (claim)
  • 3 balls: 12 minutes and 24 seconds by Kubas in 2009 (claim)
  • 3 balls: 14 minutes and 20 seconds by Teo Ruokolainen in 2011 (claim)

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