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3 neckcross
Behind the neck throws can be done by throwing and catching with your hands farther back than normal, so the objects go behind your head while they're in the air, or by bending your head down and throwing the objects over the back of your neck.
Behind the neck tricks01:02

Behind the neck tricks

3 ball behind the neck tricks and connections by Vasil Magaranov

Tutorial-Behind The Head Throws09:02

Tutorial-Behind The Head Throws

3 ball behind the neck throws tutorial


  • For the first technique, you may need to twist your torso slightly in between throws, in the direction of the hand that will throw next, to get your hand back far enough.
  • To make it look good, make sure the throws are low enough that they actually go behind your head.
  • Keep your hands low so the pattern isn't too fast.

World recordsEdit

Behind the neck world records with publicly available video evidence:

Alternative namesEdit

  • Neck throws
  • Neckcrosses
  • Behind the head throws


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