Juggling while balancing another prop requires the juggler to have control over both the juggling and the balancing. To learn to juggle with a balance, first you should learn to do the juggling and the balancing separately, so that you can do each one with complete control, with as little movement as possible other than what you need to do to juggle (not moving your feet, or leaning or twisting your body - balancing an object on your face doesn't require much movement), before you try to combine them. Then re-learn the juggling with the balance. When you juggle while balancing, you should focus mostly on the balance.

Clubs can be balanced on the chin, nose, or forehead. Rings and balls are usually balanced on the forehead. Some types of balls are easier to balance than others. Head bouncing a ball is a more difficult skill similar to balancing.

Pavel Evsukevich 7 rings00:43

Pavel Evsukevich 7 rings

7 ring blind kick with a ring balance by Pavel Evsukevich

A Tutorial Request How to Balance While Juggling10:00

A Tutorial Request How to Balance While Juggling

Club balance tutorial

Balancing and juggling tutorial video

World recordsEdit

Records for juggling while balancing with publicly available video evidence:


Unverified claims:


Records with insufficient video evidence:

Unverified claims:


Records with insufficient video evidence:

  • 5 clubs with club balance: 2 minutes and 32 seconds by Christof Buch in 2017 (video is not visible to the public)
  • 8 clubs with club balance: 8 catches by Willy Colombaioni in 2015 (video no longer available)

Unverified claims:

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