Ameron Rosvall is a Swedish juggler. He ranked 6th on the Top 40 Most Popular Jugglers list in 2015.

Ameron holds the following world records with publicly available video evidence:

  • 3 club front-to-back body throws: 4 minutes and 33 seconds in 2013 (video)
  • 3 club back-to-front body throws: 1 minute and 52 seconds in 2011 (video)

He also unofficially holds the world records for:

  • 3 ring reverse cascade: 1 hour and 7 minutes in 2008 (claim)
  • 4 rings: 48 minutes and 8 seconds in 2008 (claim)
  • 4 ring reverse fountain: 11 minutes and 20 seconds in 2008 (claim)
Journey to the end of the night08:23

Journey to the end of the night



Juggling Documentation05:16

Juggling Documentation

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