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97531 is a symmetrical 5 object siteswap where all the throws cross. The objects are thrown and then caught in the reverse order: the last object thrown is caught first (this object is passed from one hand straight into the other), and the first object thrown is caught last. This is the 5 object version of 7531.

The 9 is four times as high as the cascade, the 7 is a little more than half the height of the 9, the 5 is a little less than half the height of the 7 (the same height as the cascade), the 3 is about a quarter of the height of the 5, and the 1 is a pass from one hand to the other. All the objects should peak at the same time.

Video: 5 ball b975300 360 by Paweł Witczak

World recordsEdit

A round of this pattern is one instance of the throws "97531", all of which must be caught for that round to be counted. Multiple rounds must all be directly connected.

World records with publicly available video evidence:

*to a qualify

Siteswap exercisesEdit

You can use these exercises to practice the same kinds of throws and sequences of throws that are done in this pattern, before you learn the full pattern.

Some of the siteswaps listed below are shortened to leave out parts where you’re not doing anything. Click on them to see animations of the exercises.

You should practice doing these starting with your right hand and with your left hand, so that you will be ready to learn the full symmetrical pattern.

Prerequisites: 7531, 77731, 95551

Exercises to prepare for 97531:


97531 Backcrosses00:17

97531 Backcrosses

5 club 97531 in backcrosses by Vova Galchenko

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