801 200
3 ball snowball trick





Full period







(Excited state)
101001 (8)
01001001 (0)
1001001 (1)

Ladder diagram


Stack notation


 801 is a symmetrical 3 object siteswap. The throws used in this pattern are 8s - high, non-crossing throws. After one hand throws an object, the same hand catches another object and passes it over to the other hand, to be thrown as the next 8.

This is an excited state siteswap, starting in the state 101001. You can do the pattern from a cold start or from a warm start by leaving out the 1s in the first two rounds, and you can go back to the basic pattern by pausing for 6 beats after throwing an 8:

...333333 822820 801801801801 802022 333333...

Siteswap exercisesEdit

You can use these exercises to practice the same kinds of throws and sequences of throws that are done in this pattern, before you learn the full pattern.

Some of the siteswaps listed below are shortened to leave out parts where you’re not doing anything. Click on them to see animations of the exercises.

You should practice doing these starting with your right hand and with your left hand, so that you will be ready to learn the full symmetrical pattern.

Prerequisites: 3 ball cascade, 501

Exercises to prepare for 801:


Mees vs Wouter, 3b game of juggle, trick 100:30

Mees vs Wouter, 3b game of juggle, trick 1

3 ball 801 with 8s as penguins by Wouter van Doorn

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